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video: prototyp soloquintett

here you can download the flyer with detailed information about the project, written in german(ger)

to ensure that the soloquintett can debut soon, i'm still dependent on sponsors. if you are interested or have any questions/concerns, please feel free to contact me

the soloquintett is currently in construction and it's premiere is scheduled for middle of this year in springe, germany.
the soloquintett is a novel musical instrument that blurs the boundaries between composition, interpretation and instrument.
the idea for the design was born in 2015 by the desire to unite the worlds of musicality and mechanics in an innovative instrument. from then on the idea was further shaped and gradually materialized. the
installation soloquintett will consist of five guitars, arranged in a star shape around an axis. like a windmill, the guitars rotate and pass guitar picks on their tracks, which strike the strings. every guitar is played by a computer-controlled mechanical system and the guitar picks are also pushed in and out automatically.

music however, does not arise from the grasping of tones and chords or the striking of strings. music is a creative process, which is fed by tradition and innovation. the soloquintett is the result of the collision of these forces.
the soloquintett was invented by jonas damm, who is also the first composer for the instrument. it is an extremely versatile instrument. powered by almost endless possibilities of adjustments and configurations, it can produce a great tonal ambitus, complex rhythms and a wide range of noises. the additional integration of the computer supplements the composition with the possibility of live-interaction, so that none of the performances will be identical. the computer is able to analyze the sounds of a live-interpreter, draw conclusions and convert them into sounds and rhythms put out through the soloquintett.
thus creating a dialogue between composer, interpreter and machine on the stage.

on the day of the premiere - presumably in june/july of 2018 in the ParadiesSchmiede - the soloquintett will be presented to the public for the first time.
the concert is supplemented by classical instrumental works for guitar and flute.

this concert will be broadcasted live on this website

soloquintett is a project of jonas damm.

sponsored by:

KulturFeuerStiftung Christine Rimkus Stadt Springe Q-Print
Musikhaus Thomann








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